Our Approach

"Pro inspiro" Code of Ethics

Our approach is based on the APTi (Association for Psychological Type International) Guidelines for Administering and Giving Feedback On Psychological Type Instruments:

  • The respondent should be informed in advance as to the purpose of taking the instrument and how results will be used. Taking the instrument is always voluntary.
  • MBTI ® is a tool to increase and support an individual’s self awareness and growth, as well as to enhance their understanding of differences in others.
  • All types are valuable.  From the MBTI® perspective, no type is better, healthier, or more desirable than any other.
  • MBTI® results belong to the person who has completed the assessment. MBTI® results may not be shared without the express permission of the individual taking the indicator.
  • Each person should be provided with the preferences explanation and type descriptions before sharing results and verifying type, in order to allow for individual self assessment.
  • Since MBTI Instrument results identify valuable differences between normal healthy people, type descriptions and definitions should be presented in non-judgmental terms.
  • The final judge of a person’s specific type is always the person who has completed the assessment. This judgment may or may not be the same as the type he or she received as a result of the inventory.
  • Certified practitioners should honor copyright laws and adhere to federal and state laws governing the conduct of professionals using psychological instruments