Is It That Important to Know What Personality Type I Am?

As human beings, we all try to figure out who we really are and how we can fulfill our individual potential. We each do this in our own unique way – some do it consciously, others unconsciously. The MBTI Personality Type Indicator and MBTI® instrument is known worldwide for helping people to identify and understand:

  • what they are trying to accomplish
  • what they consider to be important or significant, 
  • how they make decisions
  • how they relate to and behave in relation to the world around them, particularly other people

One great advantage of this typological approach is that it doesn’t make value judgments. The MBTI instrument doesn’t say that one personality type is better or worse than another; it merely asserts what “is”, without imposing what “should be” or predicting what “will be”.  MBTI doesn’t threaten a person’s self-confidence or sense of self-esteem.  In fact, just the opposite is true!  MBTI explains why certain relationships don’t work and why some people don’t get along with each other, while providing tools to help deal with these kinds of issues, using:

  • Description
  • Explanation & Comprehension
  • Correction & Resolution

We can’t really implement that which we don’t understand.  If we don’t know who we are and what’s inside of us, we won’t achieve success and, even if we do manage to achieve a certain amount of success, that success will most likely be unstable, temporary, and fleeting.

If you don’t activate the potential that lies dormant inside of you, you will never fulfill that potential!